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never too late

After having 2 knee surgeries and 2 major wrist surgeries in my 20’s, I became somewhat crippled (not to mention my golf game had gone into the tank). Eventually, I met a phenomenal Physical Trainer that emphatically told me that if I didn’t get my body back into anatomical function, I was only going to get worse – as I continued on into the ‘Back Nine of Life”. He told me in no uncertain terms, that ‘I’ HAD TO MAKE THE DECISION, and that no one else could do it for me. I MADE THE DECISION TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR MY HEALTH; and the rest as they say…is history. Following the program and philosophy he outlined for me, in a short amount of time, I got into the best shape of my life and also set two course records in San Diego County. Today, I only spend around 20 minutes a day (of doing the Right Stuff), and maintain an excellent level of health.

After getting into the Golf Instruction and Fitness Industry, over the last 33 years, I’ve had thousands upon thousands of people who come to see me for help with their bodies and their golf swings.

Not coincidentally, the people that MAKE THE DECISION to spend around 10-20 minutes a day on their bodies – doing the Right Exercises the Right Way – ALWAYS improve their bodies, minds, and Yes… Golf Swings! The ones that don’t… seldom improve either.

The lady in today’s video is truly an inspiration, and as she says, you only need around 10-20 minutes a day – especially in breathing properly, to maintain great health and longevity.

Let’s make 2019 the year you’re going to MAKE THE DECISION!!

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