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Free Up Your Swing With The No Reference Drill

No Reference Drill

The No Reference Drill

I got this drill from an outstanding teacher named David Lee, who had a program called Gravity Golf – and it’s a GREAT drill to FREE UP your swing and get rid of tension!


No Doubt, Tension is probably THE #1 factor in ruining a golf shot (and life for that matter), and playing with Relaxed Arms is what we want to do.  When a golfer gets too ‘tight’, the arms are usually what reacts first.  Taking the club back with too much tension, will actually slow down the body and retard the rhythm and weight transfer in your golf swing motion.


When you first try the NO REFERENCE DRILL, you may feel somewhat intimidated at first, but keep doing it, and I’m sure you’ll begin to gain confidence and  feel that ‘Peaceful easy Feeling’.


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