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Are You Over Dominant On One Side Of Your Body?

If So, Try These Side Planks

Nearly everyone on the planet is  Dominant on One Side of their body – and for the majority of the people, it’s the Right Side; simply because most people are Right Handed.  This condition usually is identified with the Right Shoulder Lower than the Left, the feet Duck Footed, and the Torso rotated to the Left. 

What does this have to do with golf?  Plenty!!  Because if a person is too over dominant (say on the Right Side), they’re more prone to come ‘Over the Top’ in their downswing, simply because the Left Side isn’t  ‘As Stable’ and allows the right hip and shoulder to be thrown ‘Outside’. ( Not to mention have a harder time turning easier on the Back Swing).

THE BEST way to cure your body of this, is by getting on a complete all around Flexibility and Strength Program that spends more time strengthening  each side of the body.

SIDE PLANKS are a GREAT WAY to isolate each side of the Body and strengthen the weaker side so that the Stronger Side won’t dominate.

In the today’s video, we’re showing to versions of Side Planks….On the FlooR – and against a Wall.

Give these Side Planks some practice, and you’ll begin to notice More Balance in your Body….AND, Golf Swing!

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