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Posture Shirt – Introduction


The Alignmed Posture Shirt is perfect for correcting, maintaining and preserving Proper Posture for increased mobility, range of motion, pain reduction and enhanced performance.

The Alignmed Posture Shirt is one of the most remarkable products I've ever come across.  Although there are many great aspects of the shirt, my favorite is to wear it ‘after’ my exercise program s you’ll find it’ll sustain your good posture for hours – and even days on end.  I hope yo don’t waste any time to ‘Get it On’. Find Out More.

2 thoughts on “Posture Shirt – Introduction

  1. Sizing

    I'm interested in the Posture shirt and fall between a medium and large.  Would I be better buying the medium?

  2. Bort – Posture Shirt

    Bort – Generally speaking, if one fall sbetween 2 sizes, I recommend that they go with the smaller size.  However, if you can wear a Large comfortably, I'd go with the Large……Roger

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