Golf Swing Analysis & Flexibility Program


You’ll receive a golf lesson and a customized flexibility program designed specifically for ‘your’ individual needs.

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Golf Swing Analysis & Flexibility Program


Get the most out of your Golf Instruction!

This Program is THE hallmark of Roger's Virtual Academy and is a must for golfers who are serious about their game.  This program will help you On and Off the Course!

The Roger Fredericks Golf Instruction & Flexibility Program has become legendary and is the same program that Roger has utilized with over 7 Hall of Famers – 70 Tour Professionals, and over 20,000 amateur golfers.

"Golf Instruction is often a futile effort if the golfer doesn't have the necessary flexibility to effectively perform the movements that their instructor wants them to do", says Roger Fredericks.  In this program, Roger will not only analyze your golf swing on the V1 Software System, he will also analyze your body and prescribe a custom-tailored Flexibility Program designed specifically for you!


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