The PostureFit Bar


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The PostureFit Bar (formerly The Postursizer) IS the most effective Device that I’ve EVER seen in helping one attain superb posture.

“Improve your Posture with the PostureFit Bar”

“Correct Posture IS the most important aspect of achieving superb health and fitness”– Roger Fredericks



PostureFit Bar 6 lb Recommended for children, elderly, and beginners.

PostureFit Bar 9 lb Recommended for people who work out regularly

The PostureFit Bar IS the most effective Device that I’ve EVER seen in helping one attain superb posture. The PostureFit Bar will not only help you stand taller, but will actually improve your overall Anatomical Function, Respiratory System, Mental Clarity and Confidence, not to mention, take the Stress off of your joints. Using the PostureFit Bar will automatically help relieve muscle tightness, especially in your upper back and neck, not to mention help improve a multitude of health and fitness conditions.

The PostureFit Bar is your guide to improved posture for maximum health benefits!

Additional information

Weight150 oz
Dimensions10 × 5 × 3 in

6 Pound, 9 Pound

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