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Putting Stance for Topspin

There’ve been a lot of great putters throughout history and who’ve had a lot of different Putting Methods. We’ve seen Great Putters who were wristy like Arnold Palmer, Isao Aoki, and Billy Casper; Great Putters who had No Wrists, like Bob Charles, Putters that used Crosshand, the Claw, ad infintium.

There have also been great putters like Tom Watson and Brandt Snedeker who ‘popped’ the ball.

However, I think that despite the many varied characteristics of putting styles, one thing we all want to do is achieve TOPSPIN on the ball. When the ball is ‘Turning Over’, there’s a much better chance of it holding the line and going where we want it to. Getting the ball to Roll with more authority is much better than getting the ball Airborne – where it will tend to wobble and be less consistent.

THE Best way to get topspin is by hitting slightly up on the ball, and in today’s video, I’ll show you some of the fundamentals to follow to get yourself set up for a nice smooth stroke and get the Topspin you want on the ball.

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