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Putting Perspective



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The old axiom, ‘DRIVE FOR SHOW – PUTT FOR DOUGH’ is SO true!  Golf obviously comes down to one simple goal; GET THE BALL INTO THE HOLE IN AS FEW A NUMBER OF STROKES AS POSSIBLE!!  A 270 yard drive,and a beautiful iron onto the green is wasted if you end up missing the putt, and/or 3 putting!

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4 thoughts on “Putting Perspective

  1. Besides looking into the hole

    Besides looking into the hole and mimic the rolling with your hand ;I would also recommend surveying the last few feet before the ball gets into the hole and train the feel of swinging the club with each hand individually ,right alone on handle ,left alone on handle ,then both hands .When I put ,it's my hands which are in charge ,they know better …

    1. That’s another good method to

      That’s another good method to ‘seeing’ the line Raymond.  Everyone has their own method of visualization – so keep seeing it.  Remember, ‘Thoughts are Things’!

  2. Mental side of putting

    could not agree more! Thank you! 

    1. You’re most welcome. 

      You’re most welcome. 

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