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Rehearse Your Shot With The Underhand-Sidearm Toss

In his Classic Book ‘FIVE LESSONS’, Ben Hogan describes the Golf Swing Motion as a ‘Shortstop tossing an Underhand/ Sidearm throw to the 2nd Baseman about to start a Double Play’.  I’ve always liked that analogy and couldn’t agree more, and especially the Simplicity of it.

What I recommend that my students do – is take a practice ‘toss’ with an imaginary ball in their right hand and arm, as if they were tossing the ball at the target.  This is effective on virtually every type of shot – Short Pitch to a Full Driver.  After a few Practice tosses, RETAIN the feeling and go ahead and hit the shot.

This drill does several positive things: 

  •  It helps you Shift the Weight,
  • You’ll automatically Rotate through the ball
  • Your arm will be trained to come into the ball on the right path.
  • It’ll set up a Rhythmic tempo


So, when you’re going through your pre-shot routine, give this Rehearsal Toss a try and I’m sure it’ll free up your swing and produce a Freer and more Powerful Golf Swing.

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