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Relax and Open Your Hips with: THE SUPINE BOUND ANGLE POSE

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The hips are the engine of the body, not only for our posture and anatomical function, but also in our golf swings. Our research has proven that Pelvic Rotation is mandatory for a functional golf swing, and to develop speed and power.

Due to the Sitting Down Forward Bending Culture we live in, the overwhelming majority of our population have tight hips; simply due to the fact that when we sit, our hip muscles actually tighten up.

The Supine Bound Angle Pose in the video today is a simple pose that will surely help free up your hips and thighs which will allow you to make a functional and powerful golf swing. Note: if you have bad knees, don’t pull your feet up too close to your torso, and/or put some pillows underneath your knees so that they’re comfortable.

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