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Get Rid Of The Chipping Yips For Good

By Using The Putting Chip

We all know how many golfers (especially Seniors) get the Putting Yips in their stroke.  However, another form of the Yips which we don’t hear about are the CHIPPING YIPS.  

In both cases, the Yips tend to occur when the trail arm hand (Right Hand for Right Handed Golfers ) take over and tend to Flip the Hands through the shot – nearly always resulting in a chunk, skull, or a myriad of other bad shots.

Years ago, I had the privilege of working with one of the Great Short Game Wizards of all time – Paul Runyan. 

Paul taught me the PUTTING CHIP where the golfer severely Weakens his grip  and uses only the shoulders and upper arms.  With a Weak Grip, and using the Shoulders, the hands will be taken out of play and the golfer will then be using the Big Muscles of his Torso, and not rely on the Little Muscles….The Hands.

So if you’re struggling on your chips, give THE PUTTING CHIP and you should feel a sudden different in your Chip Shots!

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