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Stretching the Truth
by Roger Fredericks

As Seen (Often) on TV!
by Shelly Banjo

Straight Talk on Posture
by James Achenbach – Golfweek

The Evolution of Man and Golfer
by John Garrity,

Breathing and Posture for Better Health
by Jim Achenbach, GOLF Magazine

Downsizing Your Ego
by John W. McDermott

Roger Fredericks, Flexibility Guru
by Robert Blumenthal –

The Flex Complex
by Katie Denbo, Fore Magazine

Par for the Course – Stretching Out
by Eric Tracy, Southland Golf

The Flex Defense
by Tod Leonard, The San Diego Union-Tribune

Stretching for Success
by James Achenbach, Golf Week

New Physical Fitness Regime Has Palmer Feeling Better
by Steve Spike, Senior Writer



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