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Shoulder Segment with TPI


Here I’m demonstrating some stretching and strengthening exercises with Dave Phillips  and Dr. Greg Rose, which will enhance your back extension in your golf swing – not to mention allow you to achieve better posture.

One of THE most important fundamentals in the golf swing is maintaining your spine angle in your swing – and especially in the downswing.  Although this may sound easy to do, the reality is that a very high percentage of golfers ‘come out’ of their spine angle which robs them of power and consistency.  

1 thought on “Shoulder Segment with TPI

  1. Flexibity stretch for rounded shoulders

    Very Good demo instruction ,Roger ,but you three guys speak too quickly for the Non Americans like me to follow all you say.Well I got the essentials !  I have an exercise quite similar to the first one you show,but where my hands push off the floor .For the second exercise ,better do it on a FOAM ROLLER .Now your POSTURIZER corrects the rounded back tendency together with the SLANT BOARD

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