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Slant Board Arm Presses



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This simple pose is something I do nearly every day – especially when my body gets out of posture. A Flexible Lower Body and a strong back is a good combination!

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2 thoughts on “Slant Board Arm Presses

  1. Excercises for existing back problems

    I have the original flexibility program, posture program, and Posturesizer and Slant Board. Lately (translation: RIGHT NOW) I'm having problems with lower right back pain, probably from staying down in my posture too long throughout the swing. I've always had problems "coming out" of my posture during the swing so I've been forcing myself to "stay down" longer. This has resulted in pain from my lower right back, down through the crotch, most likely a pinched nerve (?). Are there any excersises that would prevent problems like this, other than standing up through the shot earlier?

    1. Joe, there are a thousand

      Joe, there are a thousand reasons ‘WHY’ back problems (and all injuries) occur; and the secret to healing them is finding out WHAT other part(s) of the body is causing the friction on the injured area.  Remember, the ‘Site’ of the pain, is seldom the ‘Source’ of the pain.   And, without question, your problems stem from muscle imbalances in your body, and almost certainly in your hips. (which have probably shifted out of position and caused the friction on your lower back). 

      I never prescribe protocols for specific injuries without seeing and consulting with that person.  However, I do have a Customized Posture Restoration Program on my website where you send me photographs of your posture and where I can analyze your body.  This is followed by a phone consultation whereby I sent you a customized program detailing what to do. 

      In the meantime, I’d suggest you do the Static Back Press and Supine Groin Stretch on page 193 & 194 of my book – THE FLEXIBLE GOLF SWING.

      If you want more information on this, call us in San Diego at 760 652-5346

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