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Is Your Posture Getting “Slouchy”?

If So, Begin Implementing Sit To Stands In Your Excersises

As you’ve heard me say Many Times, Sitting Down too much plays havoc on the human body in a multitude of ways. From Weakening our Legs and Core, too tightening our Hip Flexors, and especially Rounding our bodies and creating The C-Curve ‘UNDER’ POSTURE, – Which, is a sure sign of weakness and stifles our circulation!

As far as the golf swing goes, we NEED strong legs and a strong upright back to allow a natural shifting and rotating of the hips – not to mention maintain a stable spine angle.

A simple exercise to maintain your strength and posture is the SIT TO STAND exercise which will help your body and golf swing in virtually every area.

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1 thought on “Is Your Posture Getting “Slouchy”?

  1. Roger, I have a bad lower back and am not supposed to over-arch my back. Can I do this exercise as is or is there an adjustment for my back?
    Kim Robak

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