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SPINAL TWISTS IN A CHAIR (If you don’t want to get down on the floor)

As people age, many of them find it gets harder and harder to get Up and Down off the floor, which is troublesome for a lot of seniors who want to continue doing their stretch programs.

In my opinion, not being on a consistent Range of Motion program as we get older can pay a toll, especially when we continue to sit down more!

However, in the AT HOME AND AT THE OFFICE portion on THE POSTURE SYSTEM VIDEO SERIES, I’ve put together a series of simple to do Stretches in the Chair which will help you maintain and increase your mobility.

In today’s video, we’ve put in a clip where you can do some Spinal Twists in the chair which will help you maintain your shoulder turn. Remember, whenever you do Spinal Twists, always do some Cats & Dogs right after to get your spine back to ‘Neutral’.

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