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Static Extension Shoulder Presses



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THE BODY IS ‘ONE WORKING UNIT’ where everything is connected, and related.  For example, if your  shoulders are rounded and out of position, your hips will almost certainly be out of position.  If you have problems with your Left Knee or Left Hip, there’ll be a real good chance that your right hip and shoulder are out of position, etc. This is why I seldom prescribe a certain stretch or exercise, for the area of the body where the pain or dysfunction shows up.

HOWEVER, there are specific stretches and exercises that you can do periodically throughout the day that address the problem area and will help restore it to anatomical position.

In today’s video, I’m showing you STATIC EXTENSION SHOULDER PRESSES, which are actually an abbreviated form of doing a push up.  These simple to do Shoulder Presses are not strenuous and will help strengthen your upper back and shoulders  (which is a good thing to do for C Curve Posture, where the hips have weakened pulled the upper torso back with them – creating the rounding).

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