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Chair Pose

Strong Glutes and Functional Hip Flexors are Crucial to playing good golf! When people don’t have ample Strength and Function in these areas, they are going to have a hard time maintaining a solid base in their lower bodies; And without a solid base, the upper body won’t have anything to coil against and will often take over making it an arms and shoulders only swing.

Sit down at address

For years, I’ve seen golf instructors tell their students to ‘Stick their butt out’ – ‘Get their backs straight’, etc., but the truth is; when the student tries to do this, they’ll be straining and actually putting tension in their golf swings – let alone, when they begin to swing and the forces are then placed down upon the torso, the golfer will inevitably ‘Come Out’ of their spine angle and lose all control.

A simple exercise to remedy this situation which will actually Strengthen the Glutes and Back, is called THE CHAIR POSE. This pose can be done anytime, anywhere, and preferably a few times during the day, especially if you’re sitting down a lot.

In today’s video, I’m demonstrating a couple of ways to do the Chair Pose, and you can actually do them Actively (Hold for 1-2 seconds and standing up), or Static, where you can hold the pose for 20-30 seconds.

Either way, the Chair Pose will definitely help you On and Off the Course!

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