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Why the Air Bench?

Good Golf DEMANDS Flexibility – especially in the Upper Trunk, as well as Leg Strength and Function primarily in the Lower Body.  Without both, a golfer will usually be forced to create compensations throughout the swing – and often ‘Compensations for Compensations will occur.

After I finish my daily flexibility routines, I always finish it off with THE AIR BENCH, where I sit against a wall for around 2 minutes, making  sure my joints are aligned ie, Shoulders over Hips over Knees over ankles.  Not only does this Strengthen my Lower Body, but it helps solidify what’s called JOINT CENTRATION, which is the alignment and forces placed evenly on the joints of the body.

As I explain in today’s video, you don’t need to start with the thighs 90 degrees to the ground, but rather around 110 degrees (as I’m demonstrating in the image above).

Although the Air Bench can be done anytime, I again recommend that it always be done at the end of your Flexibility or other Workouts, and you’ll find that  The Air Bench has fortified your Posture and given you that feeling of FEELING GOOD!!

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This exercise we call the air bench

I love the air bench. It does miracles, aligns your body up, gives you good lower body stability and all that.

We are going to find a wall and i want my feet to be straight ahead. I do not want my feet out wide, wider than my shoulders. I want my body to be in perfect alignment, feet, knees, hips, and shoulder.

I do not want your shoulders back in this pose. We're going to concentrate strictly on the quadriceps in the hips. I'm pressing my lower back deeply into the wall.

For right now, for starting i do not want my legs 90 degrees or parallel to the floor. I want them up a little bit. So, I’m pressing (the wall), hands on my lap, and i just sit here and do nothing.

You might be sitting here for around... I used to do about 2-4 minutes a day where i go down a bit more. We're just going to sit here and do nothing.

After a while I assure you, as I think it was Jerry Lee Lewis said. There will be a lot of shaking going on. Because soon your knees will probably start to tremble. That's a good thing, don't fight it. It is more of a mental thing. When it starts to shake, pick a gaze, a spot against the wall or something in the horizon and just stare at it. Get your concentration on, it will help your mental too.

Now if you're really advanced, you can do the advanced air bench down here and put your elbows here (head). This is a toughie, if you're new to the air bench do not start here. It took me a long time (over a year) to get to this position.

So, to get to the air bench. Press against there (wall). And you start not only strengthening your quadriceps but get your pelvis reinforced and back into alignment. Once you come off the wall, pick up your quadriceps and just kind of stretch out here. I kind of tilting forward with my pelvis, arching my foot back, and arching this way (forward). Stretch it out

So again, leg strength is vital for good golf. Strengthen your legs, keep walking, get out the door, get out the couch, do some step ups, do some air bench. Whatever you do, strengthen those legs!

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