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One Leg Extensions

Keys to a Stronger Torso

Although Flexibility is CRUCIAL in your body (and golf swing), we also want to possess ample strength. This is especially true with seniors, when we all begin to lose Bone Density, Muscle Mass, Flexibility, Eyesight, Hearing, etc. (not to mention have our drives start getting shorter and our handicaps higher!).

However, YOU DON’T HAVE TO GET OLD THE WAY OUR SOCIETY HAS BRAINWASHED US INTO BELIEVING, and the reality is that if people would do a few simple and moderate things each day involving Flexibility, Strengthening, and Cardiovascular, you can not only Retard the Aging Process, but actually regain much of the Anatomical Function that you had in your younger days.

One of the exercises I do most days, are Bridges with Leg Extensions. This exercise will not only strengthening your Backside, but also help you achieve better balance – and flexibility!

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