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Take Stretch Breaks Throughout The Day To Maintain Flexibility

As we all get older, we begin to lose Muscle Mass and Flexibility – especially if you’re in an environment where you’re sitting down at desks, cars, etc.

Although there are a LOT of detrimental consequences of Sitting Down too much, probably the worst one is that our Powerful Hip Flexors begin to shorten and tighten up. When this occurs, our pelvis gets compromised and we end up with a Forward Anterior Tilt of the hips, OR a weakening of them where they develop a C Curve type of look.

I encourage all of my students to take Stretch Breaks – primarily concentrating on the Hips so that the hips can remain functional and allow you to keep on playing good golf – AND, enjoying good posture and health for a lifetime.

In this video, I’ll show you a simple – but effective stretch that will not only retard the natural tightening and shortening of the hips, but also allow you to gain even more flexibility in that region.


roger splits
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