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Quad Stretch

One of THE MOST common golf swing faults I see is straightening the legs too early in the downswing; which usually causes the torso to Lock Up and disrupt the free flowing motion we’re trying to attain.

Stretching the Quads

There is No Doubt in my mind that the main reason we see this fault so much, is again because of the Sitting Down – Sedentary Culture that tightens up our Hips and Quads in a major way… Not to mention our golf swings. I highly recommend to all my students to stretch out their quads periodically throughout the day. And, more good news is that it can take less than a minute.

Remember, it’s better to do this stretch a few times a day – rather than a lot once or twice a week.

In today’s video, we’ll show you a couple variations of how you can stretch your quads – which will help you On and Off the course!

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