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Take This Breathing Test That Joe Theismann is Giving (Then, practice the East West Breathing!)

East West Breathing Test


Posture and Breathing


It is a common known fact that there is a correlation between proper posture and effective breathing. That being said, posture problems can be the cause of many issues, one being the ability to breath properly which limits the flow of oxygen throughout the body system.  It’s a given that oxygen is vital to our lives and that proper breathing is the key to supplying the proper amount of oxygen to our bodies.  Without oxygen, a person will not survive more than a few minutes before expiring. It is also known that exercise is vital to our health and overall well being because it increases Oxygen, Blood, and Neuron Flow throughout the body as well as VO2 Max.

There is a large population of people today living what would be considered a sedentary lifestyle. This would be considered a lifestyle without an adequate amount of motion. A lack of motion in a persons everyday life has been proven to stunt circulation and cause a blockages and build ups throughout the body system. The effects are many of them struggle with poor posture which, inhibits their breathing in a big way – which is one of the reasons I stress restoration proper posture, so much!

Oxygen flow with proper posture
Effects of Posture on Oxygen Flow

Aside from the issues of with posture, the overwhelming majority of people in our culture are unaware of the proper way to breathe. Most people breathe with their upper chest rather than beginning their breath in the diaphragm, also known as diaphragmatic breathing. The best way to explain this is to consider your lower diaphragm as a pump, which actually “drops” in down and back, which then pumps oxygen into the system and then pushes it up into our lungs. The lungs then purify the air, which helps our heartbeat, then from their it flows up into the brain.

East West Breathing

In the above video, Hall of Fame Quarterback Joe Theismann is testing my East West Breathing. East west breathing is simply breathing in deeply utilizing your diaphragm, which puts pressure on the sides of your abdomen. Have someone you know test to see if you are doing proper east west breathing. Once you have got the technique down continue to practice east west breathing as much as possible and you will begin to notice dramatic improvement in your state of being.

And guys, when you are walking around the ladies, DON’T try to look like the dudes on Muscle Beach and pull your stomach in! Instead, breathe naturally and let your sides expand or as I say, “Get Fat”.

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