J. Portman

I’m 32 year old stock broker in St Louis Missouri, a 3 handicap, played golf for over 20 years and have been living off of Aleve for over 5 years. I was going to see a doctor about my lower back problem, which plagues me for days after each round of golf. I found out from your infomercial and later, your video, that tight hamstrings and calves can cause lower back pain. After only 3 or 4 days of using your program, my back pain was going away. I could not believe that just stretching was making me feel good again. Before I started your program, when I tried to touch my toes, I was at least 6 inches from them and the floor. After only 4 weeks of stretching for at least 10 minutes a day, 7 days a week, I can now touch them. It’s a very relaxing program, and because my back feels so great, I want to continue the program, even if I feel good that day. It’s an addictive program. My driving is getting more accurate and my ball flight is slightly higher and longer then I’m used to. I started on the Blue Tee Program, but depending on the day and how much time I have, I switch from White to Blue to Gold. It’s a very flexible program, no pun intended. Do what you can on busy days. I stretch at work if I need to, and before rounds of golf. You’ll love the way you feel, and your friends will be mad at your golf swing improvements..!!