Mike Ryan

I’ve been doing your program for a year and a half and my chiropractor noted how dramatically my flexibility improved (which prior to the program was very, very poor). I’m 50+ yards longer off the tee, just way, way longer, but more importantly I play pain-free now.It’s amazing what flexibility can do for the aches and pains of life particularly back pain, of course).

I’m 31 and used to be sore and stiff as can be the morning after walking 18 (walking being the only way to play in my opinion). Now I could walk 18 every day. You’re right. It absolutely is a quality of life issue. Stretching is almost therapeutic, and once you get into the habit, you can really feel the difference when you don’t.

The program has done wonders for my golf and my overall health and well-being. The other interesting (and remarkable) thing is, I’ve only been doing the basic program this entire time. I found it covers all the bases, and you can do it in 20 minutes, which makes it easier to fit into your daily life. So I’ve gotten all this benefit just from the basic program.

Thank you, Roger! Nobody else is really focusing on this important issue, and your program is just fantastic. I’d never stretched in my life, and all I did was put in the DVD, follow along, and it did everything for me you said it would! I recommend you to everyone I talk to about improving your golf game!

Thanks again,