Rob Kramer

Hi Roger,

I wanted to give you an update on my progress regarding my rehabilitation with my Parkinson’s.

After visiting you at La Costa a few years ago, I’ve followed your advice both on the course and off, and have made significant progress! You had told me that you felt that not only could I retard the crippling effects of Parkinson’s, but that that I could actually IMPROVE UPON IT!!

Following your suggestions, I’ve adhered to the protocols you gave me and made changes to my nutrition, practiced Yoga, and ESPECIALLY changed my ATTITUDE!

Some of my accomplishments are: I’ve won my Club Championship 4 times, made 6 Holes in Ones!, maintained a 5 handicap, and just recently – at age 68 shot a 69!!

Thank You so much, Roger. You’re counsel has been Life Changing!

Rob Kramer, Attorney at Law

Gary Wiren

“A high percentage of the people I teach are physically unable to perform a fundamental golf swing – usually due to a lack of flexibility! I feel that they would be better off working on their bodies FIRST rather than working on their swings. MY HIGHEST recommendation for them is to contact Roger Fredericks who has taught many of golf’s Greatest (and not so great) players who have benefited from his methods – On and Off the Course. His approach is based on good common sense principles which are very easy to perform.”
Gary Wiren PhD
PGA Hall of Fame – World Golf Teachers Hall of Fame
Senior Director of Instruction – Trump Golf Properties

Brendan R.

I have been stretching with your book for 3 years now, and the improvement has been incredible (for someone who started playing well into the back nine of life, as you put it). I was an early customer for posture, before you brought out the DVDs. I sent you pictures, we spoke on the phone and you sent me a personnalised program, which I conntinue to follow – because it really works. I have a slant board and the posture shirt.

Arnold Palmer

Arnie Swing

Thanks for all of your help and encouragement. I just wish I had started your program 20 years ago.
– Arnold Palmer
World Golf Hall of Fame

Paul Houston

Just a note of thanks. I had a water skiing accident almost 15 years ago and tore muscles from just above my right knee to the top of my groin. I never did rehab and my golf game suffered, not to mention I walked with a limp and developed hammer toe. At one point the doctor and I discussed cutting my toe off. My posture was so bad I could not force myself to stand square to the golf ball and I had to make a horrendous make up move to keep the ball from going right. I found you course on rotated posture online and purchased it. I have been doing the course everyday for 26 months. It has been a long road but I am back to 95% and believe I will be 100% in another 2 to 3 months. I have had to learn how to walk properly, but your course made that possible. The posture improvement has made me feel younger and healthier. Thank You!!

Jack Nicklaus


To my fellow anatomical functionalist. Thanks for the video help. I’m pleased to see you're bringing the principles of anatomical function into the golf world.
– Jack Nicklaus
World Golf Hall of Fame

John M

After spending about 3-hours reviewing your book on flexibility one evening, and then doing your short-program for golfers the next morning, which took about an hour the first time through, I was standing taller, felt lighter, and my shoulders were square and upright. It was a substantial change. That was just yesterday! As a neuropsychologist and expert in mind-body connections who recently began playing golf with some leve of seriousness, I found your work answered question after question regarding reliable ways to make progress in the sport.

Buz Walters

Roger –
Your stretching program is great. Helped golf distance and consistency but really improved my serve in tennis. Increased Range of motion plus more power. 

Gary Player


If you want a better golf game, Roger's your man to see.
– Gary Player
World Golf Hall of Fame

Tom Kite


Roger’s instruction and flexibility programs will NO DOUBT accelerate your path from wanting to be a good player, to actually becoming one!
– Tom Kite
World Golf Hall of Fame

Bernhard Langer


Roger, Many thanks for all your help.
– Bernhard Langer
World Golf Hall of Fame

Raymond Floyd


Roger, Thanks for helping me get the club back on the path I want.
– Raymond Floyd
World Golf Hall of Fame

John Jacobs (J.J.)


If Roger can take an old guy like me, and make me win the P.G.A. at 58, his program must work!
– John Jacobs (J.J.)
2003 Senior PGA Champion

Mike Shanahan


Roger, from one coach to another, I know that communication is vital from coach to student. You're the best!
– Mike Shanahan
2 time Super Bowl Champion, Denver Broncos

Peter Jacobsen


Roger, Thanks for helping me get into better shape!
– Peter Jacobsen
2004 U.S. Senior Open Champion

Donna Caponi


Roger's program is the best that I've ever seen for amateurs or pros.
– Donna Caponi
World Golf Hall of Fame

Tommy Jacobs


To my friend, partner, and great golf coach, Thanks.
– Tommy Jacobs
Ryder Cup Member

Graham Marsh


Thanks for all the time you’ve spent with me over the years.
– Graham Marsh
1997 Senior U.S. Open Champion PGA, International, and Champions Tour

Lance Alworth


Coach Roger, From some great hands, to the greatest Coach!
– Lance Alworth
NFL Pro Football Hall of Fame

Joe Gibbs


Roger, Thanks for being my coach!
– Joe Gibbs
3 time Super Bowl Champion, Washington Redskins

Doug Miller


Roger – The time I spent with you was truly an eye opening experience! I learned more in the 5 hours with you as I have in all my years of playing golf. THANK YOU!
– Doug Miller
2006 ReMax Senior World Long Drive Champion