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Testing Your Shoulder Turn


In this video, I invite you to test your shoulder turn so that you can determine just how much you should try to turn.  This test is very revealing and give you a good baseline of your ability to ‘turn and load’.

2 thoughts on “Testing Your Shoulder Turn

  1. electronic flexibility program

    Some time ago I purchased an electronic flexibility video that featured Roger, Tommy Jacobs, and an athletic young lady whose name I don't recall. That was done as a member of Revolution Golf.  In 2013 we moved to Arizona, and the laptop I had the program on was Windows XP. Long story short I cannot recover that program, and having just checked Revolution Golf for the first time since July of 2013 it looks like it has been sold, and all the teachers/trainers, etc. have disappeared. In other words someone has screwed it up. Is that program still available electronically? It was set up as red tees, white tees, and blue tees; progressively harder.

  2. David,  The Secrets to Golf

    David,  The Secrets to Golf Swing Flexiblity Videos are available in the SHOP Section of my website at  We now have it in Digital Versions.  Keep Stretching!    Roger


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