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The Corey Pavin Drill

Golf Swing Drill

A Golf Swing Drill Learned from one of the Greats

This simple yet effective Golf Swing Drill is perfect for helping you with getting off of your back foot, releasing the club too early, or getting stuck at impact. I first came across this drill by watching one of the greats in the game, Corey Pavin.

Back in the late 1980s and 1990s, Corey Pavin was certainly one of the Best Players in the World. During that period he won 15 tour events as well as being awarded the Title for the Leading Money Winner in 1991. In 1995 he took home the U.S. Open Championship and found himself in the top 10 in the World Golf rankings for an amazing 150 months in a row!!

As a competitor, he was incredibly tough, especially down the stretch. One thing that always struck me about Corey Pavin, was his unusual (at the time), practice drills before his shots. What he would do was take his golf stance, hold a club vertically on the ground with his left hand. From there he would make practice swings with his right hand, swinging inside the shaft (underneath his left arm) and then around to the left. He would do this on virtually every shot.

What does the Cory Pavin Drill help with?

At the time, I had never seen a drill of this nature but after playing around with it the reason he did it was clear. I’ve found that this golf swing drill does 3 specific things for you.

  1. It makes your shift your weight to your front foot.
  2. Helps you keep your hands coming in low at impact.
  3. Allows you to rotate your hips and chest through the ball.

There are not many Golf Swing Drills out there that allow you to do these particular functions All in One Drill!

So, if you are having trouble getting off your back foot, releasing the club too early or getting stuck at impact, give the Corey Pavin Drill a try. After to give it a shot a few time let me know what you think by leaving a comment. I would love to hear your feedback.

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Hi, I am Roger Fredericks coming to you again from the beautiful Omni La Costa Resort and Spa right here in North County San Diego.

I am going to give you a drill today that is so simple yet so effective. I call it the Corey Pavin drill, obviously named after Corey Pavin. If you remember back in the late ’80s to early 90’s Corey Pavin was certainly one of the top great players in the world, actually won the 1995 US Open but it was interesting because when he would come in the heat of the tournament other words when he was in the heat of battle and things were getting tight he had an unusual drill that I had never seen before.

What he would do is he would stick the club out like this and then take the setup and take his practice swings and then swing down under his arm and inside the shaft. That drill does some amazing things for you. Number 1, it gets you moving and shifting your weight on to your front foot. Number 2 it keeps the hands nice and low. Number 3, it helps rotate your chest through the ball and your hips for that matter. It’s a great drill. Its especially beneficial for people that get stuck on their right side, which almost everybody does for time to time.

What happens when people get back here and keep their energy back here and they tend to stay behind the ball, which usually results in a top or a hand flip back in here. From this angle, when I get right down here you can see I have the shaft here. I’ll take the club back, hand back, take it back here and swing down and underneath notice how nice and clear and open my hips and chest get through the ball.

So, I highly suggest you take this tip I got from Corey Pavin give it a shot. Just practice this a few times. Take some practice swings before you hit the shot and I have no doubt it will help you in all these areas, shifting your weight, keeping your hands nice and low and your wrists cocked and getting your hips and chest open and cleared out of the way.

Alright, thanks for tuning in!

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  1. Your videos are helpful but almost all of them are terribly blurry – like they were filmed at very low, old-time, resolutions. Maybe if you redid them at modern resolutions it would help?? Most online vids these days are crisp & clear. We are not on dial-up connections anymore.

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