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The Crocodile Twist For Upper Trunk Rotation



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This is a great stretch for increasing your spinal rotation for a more effective shoulder turn.

This is a great stretch for increasing your spinal rotation for a more effective shoulder turn.  The Crocodile twist will also help get rid of rotation in your body.

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3 thoughts on “The Crocodile Twist For Upper Trunk Rotation

  1. Flexibility program.

    Roger, I tried some of your strecthes a few years ago and they helped a lot.  I strayed away for awhile but now want to get a good program going for flexibility in my swing.  I have the rounded shoulders posture issues, along with massively tight hammies, quads, flexors, piriforumus, lats, so I am a complete wreck.  I am trying to figure out what to buy and or follow in a one DVD set.  The issue for me is that it seems I have to look and all of the flexibility dvd's in the video library and then try to do all of the exercises.  First, I am not sure that am hitting all the muscles in the chain and second, it seems to me that you would have one video set that deals with my overall flexibility.  Am I missing something, or is it just necessary to go thru all of the video library regulary to get my program in place and as a guide as I try to continue my flexibility efforts???

  2. do the twist…

    Hi Roger:

    This stretch is more effective if the hands are facing up and the opposite shoulder remains on the floor, which allows for better opening of the front of the upper torso. A couple other comments: when turning the head don't allow it to roll on the floor, but lift and turn so the cervical vertibrae remain aligned with the rest of the spine; finally, rather than holding the stretch breath with it, exhaling to the rotation and inhaling back to the center… with a slow deep breath there is time to feel the stretch taking place and, after the exhale, there are several seconds to deepen or hold the position before the body wants to breath in again.

    BTW i met you some years ago at Sycamore Springs Resort on the central coast….


  3. The secret to this pose is to

    The secret to this pose is to have the pelvis as vertical as possible after you roll to one side.  Although keeping the palms facing upward does allow for 'slightly' better chest expansion, keeping the palms pressing against the floor stabilizes the pelvis and keeps it from 'cheating' and 'rolling out' of the pose – creating slack, and less dynamic 'East-West' Breathing from the diaphragm..  Again, stabilizing the contra lateral hip in relation to the shoulder (in this example, case, the left hip and right shoulder) will then help release the right shoulder more effectively, and allow the diaphragm to generate a more dynamic oxygen 'pump'. This also enchances better Reciprocal Inhibition which then again, allows for better oxygen, blood, and neuron flow into the nerve spindles and nerve fibers deep within the fascia; thus better relaxation of the muscles.  Keeping the palms facing upward will not stabilize the pelvis as effective as the palms facing downward.

    Regarding the head lifting during the anatagonistic aspect, if you watch the video again, I do lift my head while I shift positions.  Along this line, the vast majority of our population needs to put a cushion or a rolled up towel behind their neck to help support the head..

    The method I demonstrate above, as been SUPER beneficial for me and the thousands of clients that I've give this stretch to for 30+ years. If you wanted to get to the east coast, there are a lot of ways to get there i.e you can walk, ride your bike, hitch a ride, drive a car, or fly. The way I describe this pose will get you there!


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