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The Pectoralis Stretch


Do This Simple Stretch Throughout the Day to Open up Your Chest

In the golf swing, the upper part of the spine and chest rotates approximately 60% more than the lower spine.  In the illustration here, you can see what is happening as the FRONT upper chest muscles EXPAND, and the BACK MUSCLES contract (or shorten).

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  1. Chest stretch

    There's also an other easy chest stretch you can pracice if you play with a golf cart :hold one of the pillars holding the roof of the cart with one hand and push forwards with the entire body .You can do this stretch in a door frame .

    More important is to have a complete dissociation of the neck and the upper torso if you want to have your left shouder pass under the chin when you turn in the downswing :the chin must touch the upper seam of the shirt (A tip from PAUL WILSON )

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