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For every inch that the ear sits forward of the center line of the body, a person is adding approximately 12 pounds of STRESS on all of the body’s systems! (Including: Digestive, Respiratory, Circulatory, & Musculoskeletal)

42 lbs head

Poor posture is one of the leading causes of health problems. Posture moderates and affects every system of our body, including circulatory, respiratory, digestive, musculoskeletal and even hormones. Don’t just reduce pain – change your life.

The Posture System™ by Roger Fredericks is a 5 part Video Series designed to help restore your posture into proper alignment – that nature had in mind for you. By Relaxing, Stretching and then, Strengthening your body in the proper sequence, you’ll be on your way to Better Posture.

The Posture System™ includes the 5 Videos, Bonus Video, PLUS follow along Posters!

The Posture System


Rounded Shoulders and Forward Head Posture has become epidemic in our modern day sedentary sitting down culture. Sitting down and bending forward as much as we do, eventually tighten the ‘front side’ muscle chains which then results with the torso and head being pulled forward. In this program, you’ll be given a series of exercises that will help you balance out these muscles and start you on your way to standing taller…..naturally.

The Posture System


The C-Curve Posture is indicated by excessive curvature in the spine, leaving little or no arch in the lower back. Primarily due to the legs and hips not supporting the upper torso, this Posture is usually a sign of weakness and can be corrected with stretches and exercises designed to relax and then strengthen the body to restore it back to balance and function.

In this program, you’ll be given a series of exercises that will help balance your body and strengthen it into design posture.

The Posture System


Rotated Posture nearly always results from imbalanced muscles caused by overusing one side of the body. Over time, the repetitive stress placed on the muscles and joints create a situation where one side of the body is stronger, tighter, and more dominant over the other. With activities such as throwing, writing, using a mouse at our computers, etc., the body eventually will evolve where we’ll see one shoulder or hip lower than the other, the head cocked to one side, and a host of other symptoms.

In this program, you’ll be given a series of exercises designed to help get the rotation out of your body and attain greater balance.

The Posture System


Tight and inflexible muscles (often due to the sitting down, sedentary life style we all live in) restricts the body from attaining fluid and ease of movement; Not to mention, restricts circulation, breathing, and not allowing the muscles to ‘do their job’.

In this program, you’ll be taught how to not only maintain your flexibility, but actually increase it even as you get older.

The Posture System


The body needs Resistance or Strength Training – especially as we get older. However, we feel that for the majority of people, the strengthening should come ‘After’ one has balanced the torso and attained greater flexibility. Or as Roger says, “Get Straight – then Strengthen.”

In this easy to do program, you’ll be given a series of Core Strengthening Exercises that will help you get stronger and help solidify your new and improved posture.


The Posture System


Sitting down as much as we do in our sedentary culture not only plays havoc with our health and fitness, but also creates muscle imbalances that reinforce poor posture.

In the At Home or At The Office Posture Program, you’ll be given some simple stretches and exercises that you can do throughout the day that can not only help prevent you from sliding back into poor posture, but actually improve your posture ‘At Home or At The Office’.

Bonus: Exercise Guide Posters

Never forget an exercise again. Hang these posters and always have a handy reference at your finger tips.


Disclaimer: The information contained in this program, literature and videos, is based on the research and experience of its creator, Roger Fredericks, and is intended for informational purposes only. The Posture System™ by Roger Fredericks Programs are intended to educate people on the importance of postural alignment, as well as overall flexibility and fitness. The instructions and advice presented are in no way intended as a substitute for counseling from your health care professional.

Please consult your health care professional before beginning this or any other fitness program.

The creators, producers, participants and distributors of The Posture System™ disclaim any liability of loss in connection with the exercises, instructions and advice herein.

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