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To Hit it Low, You’ve Got To: FALL DOWN BABY!

Hitting a golf ball low you need to fall down to take the loft off the club


How do you hit a golf ball low?


This week is the British Open at The Royal Portrush Golf Club on the Northern Coast of Ireland, and one thing’s a sure bet…The  Wind WILL Blow – and, in many different directions!

And, to play in the wind, it’s a good idea to be able to Hit it Low!

There is probably no greater ball striker in history who could hit it Low than Lee Trevino.  One day I was following him in a Private Pro Am at Bel Air CC in Los Angeles, and he decided to hit a low shot underneath a high overhanging branch that sprawled across much of the fairway.    As usual, Lee hit a magnificent Low ‘Slider’ that started down the left center and then ‘slid’ or slightly faded with a lot of spin.  Upon walking off the tee, a playing companion asked him, “Lee, what do you do when you want to hit it Low like that?”  He replied, ‘I JUST FALL DOWN BABY!”

He then went on to explain that when he wanted to hit it low, as he’d start down, he’d simply bend way over towards the ball on his downswing  – as if he were almost falling down.  Forward bending like that will automatically create more delay in his wrist cock which will help De-Loft the club face and somewhat trap the ball.  In addition, he’d play the ball back a little more in his stance to enhance the De Lofting.hit a golf ball low

Ever since, and whenever I’ve needed to hit a Low Shot, I’ve done just that and ’felt’ that I was actually ‘Falling Down’ into the ball, and more times than not, the shot will come off just as planned.

So the next time you need to hit a Low Shot, remember to FALL DOWN BABY!

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