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As I’m sure you know by now, approximately 70% of your score in a round of golf occurs within 70 yards of the green.  Yet, the overwhelming majority of amateurs spend very little of their time practicing their Chipping, Putting, and Wedge play. To make matters worse, seldom do I see many amateurs perform a fundamental swing motion while hitting wedges.

It’s apparent to me that amateurs don’t ROTATE their bodies properly and instead are too static when they swing.  A wedge shot demands proper rotation of the shoulders to obtain the amount of height and spin that each shot requires.

For example, if you want the ball to go higher, rotate your shoulders FASTER; and if you want a lower trajectory, keep your shoulders more square to the target and lean forward. (Or as I heard Lee
Trevino once say, “Just fall down and forward, Baby”).

I always think of hitting a Ping Pong shot:  If you want to lob the ball to barely get over the net, open up your shoulders and paddle, and rotate faster.  If you want to drive it down your opponent’s throat, square up, close the paddle, and smash it!

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