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What is External Rotation?

External Rotation


Sam Snead External Rotation
Sam Snead



One thing is FOR SURE in the Golf Swing, and that Thing is that THE LOWER BODY MUST START THE DOWNSWING… FIRST!!  Period..End of Story!  And despite the fact that all great players acknowledge this, there is a wide range of  F-E-E-L’s that they all experience when asked to describe what part of their lower body actually starts down First?

External Rotation Explained

Ben Hogan External Rotation
Ben Hogan

The majority of players feel their Left Hip Starting to Unwind and Rotate down through the ball – Others feel that they actually kickoff of their right foot or knee – Some actually feel that they’re Swinging from the top ( but they’re really not) But the INTENT of swinging from the top will often Propel the lower Body into reacting properly.  On that note, the INTENT of Swinging  from the top in my view, is a ‘sometimes’ a dangerous one because if a golfer is putting his energy and focus into his hands and arms, it will have a tendency to slow the lower body down, and the golfer will often end up stuck on their right side.

One of the things that SHOULD happen, is the Left Knee should begin shifting over on top of the Left Foot and simultaneously be Rotating Rearward.  So, it’s not just a Shift and it’s not just a Turn but a blend of both.

In today’s video, I’m demonstrating correct Left Knee Action and if you practice this, you’ll surely begin to Feel how the transition occurs from the Lower Body up to the Upper Body, and also feel that the Left Knee and Hip actually PULL the club down for you.

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See Video Transcript

Hi, I’m roger Fredericks and I’m coming to you from the beautiful omni la costa resort and spa on a legends course right here on north county San Diego, another beautiful day come out and visit us next time you're out this way

Now you have probably heard the term lately called external rotation, what does that mean? Before i get into the explanation of what it is. I’m going back just a little bit. There are a lot of different feelings that great players have about what actually starts the downswings, one thing for sure the lower body starts. I have worked with a lot of great players, i have played with a lot of great players and trust me when i say i have picked their brains. I have asked just about everyone. What do they feel like when they start down? Some great players most of them actually feels that the left hip is leading the way and turning and getting out of the way. Other great players feel that the left hip actually just pulls back over there. If you do that too much though it will actually create a slide and believe it or not i rather see a slide moving the weight into the front foot than i would hanging back here (back foot) and causing a hand flip. Anyway, back to what i was talking about, other great players feels like they are actually just kicking the right knee in, and the right foot, getting their weight on the right side. Other great players feel like they are instigating the downswing by swinging from the top which actually creates all of the other things that i was just mentioning. But when i was younger and playing my best i used to feel like my left hip was being pulled and really getting out of the way, in fact my right foot used to slide quite a bit. A lot of great players did that, Billy Casper, Greg Norman, just to name a few. Now as i gotten older i don't quite feel my left hip as much, i still do. but not as much as i used too. What i feel more now is i feel that my left knee starts to rotate over, now this is different than just moving the left knee this way on top of the left foot which is pretty much where i want to go. But now i feel like its turning over, I’ll get a bit closer to show you what i mean, is rotating this way creates a separation when i do that the arms and the clubs actually drop down and stay caught right to the inside. So one of my pet peeves is repeating my pet peeves because i fought it all my life, is actually getting up here is straightening my left leg too soon and once you do that you come up then the club just get thrown away and loses a lot of power. So I’ll try to hit a shot here, just kind of a half shot in slow motion showing how you can practice external rotation with your left knee. So i do a little bit of kick, come back in here and then from there i actually will be squat down as it rotates. Now you see that it feels really good. When i do that everything is just automatic that i don't have to think about all this other stuff coming down. So again, practice external rotation you can just stand up there, rotate the left knee but make sure you're sinking down into the ball and not just rotating and coming up.

Hope that helps, thanks for tuning in and be sure to come out and see us next time out in San Diego county at omni la costa resort and spa


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