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What Really Starts The Downswing?

(The Red Diagonal line was where their right hip was at the top of their swing)

I think that every golfer that’s ever played the game has asked their teachers – or themselves… ‘What actually starts the Downswing?….( and I’m certainly no exception!  

Having coached a LOT of great  players  on what they FEEL starts down first, my research has concluded that the majority of them  FEEL that their Left Hip is starting down First.  But, there are many others who feel that their Left Knee is moving first – and then many who feel that they’re PUSHING off of the Right Foot. 

The truth is that they’re all right – but from a physiological and bio mechanic al perspective, the Real ENGINE of this move, is the Right Hip Flexor and Upper Right Quad, which are actually doing the initial work.  (Obviously I’m referring to Right Handed Golfers). 

What’s  going on is a super powerful muscle called the Ilio Psoas has gotten so contracted (or wound up), that it ‘Wants’ to get out of there and begins the process of pushing and unwinding the pelvis and weight back to the front foot.  (Imagine if you’re shooting a rock with a Slingshot; the more you pull the band back and wind the Slingshot Up – the more it Wants to unwind and propel the rock).  Same thing  in our bodies.

Now, having said that, if your hips are tight and inflexible, they’re most likely not going to ‘Want’ to unwind (and probably didn’t wind up to begin with), so it’s a good idea to get those muscles flexible!

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