What the Pros Say

  • PALMERGO.jpg Arnold Palmer

    Thanks for all of your help and encouragement. I just wish I had started your program 20 years ago.
    – Arnold Palmer
    World Golf Hall of Fame

  • NICKLAUS.jpg Jack Nicklaus

    To my fellow anatomical functionalist. Thanks for the video help. I’m pleased to see you're bringing the principles of anatomical function into the golf world.
    – Jack Nicklaus
    World Golf Hall of Fame

  • PLAYER.jpg Gary Player

    If you want a better golf game, Roger's your man to see.
    – Gary Player
    World Golf Hall of Fame

  • kite.jpg Tom Kite

    Roger’s instruction and flexibility programs will NO DOUBT accelerate your path from wanting to be a good player, to actually becoming one!
    – Tom Kite
    World Golf Hall of Fame

  • langer.jpg Bernhard Langer

    Roger, Many thanks for all your help.
    – Bernhard Langer
    World Golf Hall of Fame

  • FLOYD.jpg Raymond Floyd

    Roger, Thanks for helping me get the club back on the path I want.
    – Raymond Floyd
    World Golf Hall of Fame

  • CAPONI.jpg Donna Caponi

    Roger's program is the best that I've ever seen for amateurs or pros.
    – Donna Caponi
    World Golf Hall of Fame

  • Jacobson.jpg Peter Jacobsen

    Roger, Thanks for helping me get into better shape!
    – Peter Jacobsen
    2004 U.S. Senior Open Champion

  • SHANAHAN.jpg Mike Shanahan

    Roger, from one coach to another, I know that communication is vital from coach to student. You're the best!
    – Mike Shanahan
    2 time Super Bowl Champion, Denver Broncos

  • JACOBS.jpg John Jacobs (J.J.)

    If Roger can take an old guy like me, and make me win the P.G.A. at 58, his program must work!
    – John Jacobs (J.J.)
    2003 Senior PGA Champion

  • jacobs2.jpg Tommy Jacobs

    To my friend, partner, and great golf coach, Thanks.
    – Tommy Jacobs
    Ryder Cup Member

  • MARSH.jpg Graham Marsh

    Thanks for all the time you’ve spent with me over the years.
    – Graham Marsh
    1997 Senior U.S. Open Champion PGA, International, and Champions Tour

  • JGIBBS.jpg Joe Gibbs

    Roger, Thanks for being my coach!
    – Joe Gibbs
    3 time Super Bowl Champion, Washington Redskins

  • LANCEALW.jpg Lance Alworth

    Coach Roger, From some great hands, to the greatest Coach!
    – Lance Alworth
    NFL Pro Football Hall of Fame

  • SANDRAPA.jpg Sandra Palmer

    Roger, I can't thank you enough for all of your help. You're awesome!
    – Sandra Palmer
    2 time US Open Champion and Dinah Shore Winner

  • Theisman.jpg Joe Theismann

    The help you gave me has made a world of difference. Man, you sure know the golf swing!
    – Joe Theismann
    Former Super Bowl Champion QB, Washington Redskins

  • TKIM.jpg Tommy Kim

    Roger Fredericks program has helped me to become one of the longest hitters in the world.
    – Tommy Kim
    Quarter Finalist, World Long Drive Championship

  • Mr59001.jpg Mr. ’59’ Al Geiberger

    Roger's programs are on the cutting edge of golf instruction. Every time I see him, I learn that much more!
    – Mr. ’59’ Al Geiberger

  • doug_miller.jpg Doug Miller

    Roger – The time I spent with you was truly an eye opening experience! I learned more in the 5 hours with you as I have in all my years of playing golf. THANK YOU!
    – Doug Miller
    2006 ReMax Senior World Long Drive Champion

  • Bob-Charles.jpg Bob Charles

    Roger, Thanks for your help.  It was the most solid I ever hit the ball, tee to green.
    – Bob Charles
    Former British Open Champion, 41 International Tour Wins

  • MartinHall.jpg Martin Hall

    Roger Fredericks has the Best Book & DVD on Stretching that I’ve ever seen.
    – Martin Hall
    School of Golf The Golf Channel

  • Jim_McLean.jpg Jim McClean

    Roger has worked on the golf swings and bodies of virtually thousands of golfers and many of golf’s greatest players. He really impressed me.
    – Jim McClean
    Founder Jim McClean Golf Schools, PGA Teaching Hall of Fame

  • Dave Phillips Dave Phillips

    There is no one more qualified to teach flexibility for the golf swing than Roger. He will not only help your golf swing…but your life.

    – Dave Phillips
    Co-Founder Titleist Performance Institute

  • p_greg747.248x248.png.jpg Dr. Greg Rose

    Roger is a master of Flexibility!

    – Dr. Greg Rose
    Co-Founder Titleist Performance Institute

  • SUMMERHA.jpg Bruce Summerhays

    Roger, I always look forward to my year end review with you.
    – Bruce Summerhays
    Champions Tour

  • hardy.jpg Jim Hardy

    Roger, Thanks for all your help. I now stand up straight, have great posture, my feet point forward, and I feel wonderful.
    – Jim Hardy
    Autho “The Plane Truth”
    PGA Teaching Hall of Fame

Other Satisfied Customers

  • Brendan R.

    I have been stretching with your book for 3 years now, and the improvement has been incredible (for someone who started playing well into the back nine of life, as you put it). I was an early customer for posture, before you brought out the DVDs. I sent you pictures, we spoke on the phone and you sent me a personnalised program, which I conntinue to follow – because it really works. I have a slant board and the posture shirt.

  • Paul Houston

    Just a note of thanks. I had a water skiing accident almost 15 years ago and tore muscles from just above my right knee to the top of my groin. I never did rehab and my golf game suffered, not to mention I walked with a limp and developed hammer toe. At one point the doctor and I discussed cutting my toe off. My posture was so bad I could not force myself to stand square to the golf ball and I had to make a horrendous make up move to keep the ball from going right. I found you course on rotated posture online and purchased it. I have been doing the course everyday for 26 months. It has been a long road but I am back to 95% and believe I will be 100% in another 2 to 3 months. I have had to learn how to walk properly, but your course made that possible. The posture improvement has made me feel younger and healthier. Thank You!!

  • John M

    After spending about 3-hours reviewing your book on flexibility one evening, and then doing your short-program for golfers the next morning, which took about an hour the first time through, I was standing taller, felt lighter, and my shoulders were square and upright. It was a substantial change. That was just yesterday! As a neuropsychologist and expert in mind-body connections who recently began playing golf with some leve of seriousness, I found your work answered question after question regarding reliable ways to make progress in the sport.

  • Buz Walters
    Roger –
    Your stretching program is great. Helped golf distance and consistency but really improved my serve in tennis. Increased Range of motion plus more power. 
  • Todd Roberts

    Thank you for everything yesterday. Wow! You have got a wealth of knowledge and you deliver it very well. I cannot believe my shoulder posture already…my wife noticed it when I came home.

    My neck pain and tightness I experience often isnt’ there either. I actually felt very clear last night in my head after a few hours. I could go on and on… I am a believer! I plan on passing your information on to others that this could benefit greatly.

    I did my first set of stretches this morning. Felt good! I am planning on hitting the range later today to begin working on the swing a little. I can really see the long term benefits for my body and health with this new insight you have given me.
    Again thank you and I will be in touch.

  • Tom Caruthers

    Thanks for the follow up and the excellent customer service.

    Note to Roger: After three consecutive days of stretching the White Tees, the pain in my lower back is gone. I shot a career round over the weekend. I’m committed to this stretching regime and just gets better every day.

    I didn’t realize how much lower-back pain I was coping with until it was gone. My chiropractor will be disappointed!

    This program is fantastic!

  • Gen Fagan

    I’m 75 and my son’s family gave me your DVDs for Christmas. I’ve been faithful about doing the program and was excited to break 100 for the first time in my life. My goal was to break 100 before I turned 100 and your program was the key to my success. Thank you, Roger, for an excellent program.

  • Andy

    Unbelievable, absolutely, unbelievable.

  • Susanne Knuttila

    Roger – Thank you so much for all your help. I really feel in good hands with you and appreciate your knowledge and expertise. Once again the teacher came when the student was ready.

  • Jim Cowley

    Roger – Thank You very much! You are a genius! The back nine at my club has been my nemesis lately where I’ve been scoring from 50 – 53. After our session, I parred the 5 of the last 6 holes for a 39! Wow! Can you tell I’m excited? Let me give you a big e-bearhug. My confidence just keep building as the round went on. My right hip is no longer an issue and I can’t wait to get back out!

  • Mike

    I wanted you to know I’m still Stepping on the Accelerator, using my left foot and showing cheeks. Your expert instruction has led me to have my FIRST hole-in-one on a par 3, 175 yard hole using my 5 iron.


  • Mike Ryan

    I’ve been doing your program for a year and a half and my chiropractor noted how dramatically my flexibility improved (which prior to the program was very, very poor). I’m 50+ yards longer off the tee, just way, way longer, but more importantly I play pain-free now.It’s amazing what flexibility can do for the aches and pains of life particularly back pain, of course).

    I’m 31 and used to be sore and stiff as can be the morning after walking 18 (walking being the only way to play in my opinion). Now I could walk 18 every day. You’re right. It absolutely is a quality of life issue. Stretching is almost therapeutic, and once you get into the habit, you can really feel the difference when you don’t.

    The program has done wonders for my golf and my overall health and well-being. The other interesting (and remarkable) thing is, I’ve only been doing the basic program this entire time. I found it covers all the bases, and you can do it in 20 minutes, which makes it easier to fit into your daily life. So I’ve gotten all this benefit just from the basic program.

    Thank you, Roger! Nobody else is really focusing on this important issue, and your program is just fantastic. I’d never stretched in my life, and all I did was put in the DVD, follow along, and it did everything for me you said it would! I recommend you to everyone I talk to about improving your golf game!

    Thanks again,

  • Ricardo

    I want to use this opportunity to congratulate you for your great customer service. I felt very good receiving this information and because of the way you treated me you made me feel important. Congratulations, I hope that this way of treating your clients never changes.

    One Happy Customer,

  • Gregory Cooper, KWP Services

    Rec’d our DVD’s the day before yesterday, amazingly quickly by the way, and just had to say thank you. After one viewing of all of the material and starting the program yesterday I know we have a quality product that will be a main stay in our aim for a healthier lifestyle over all and will help significantly in improving our game.

    Truly wonderful how the proper breathing while stretching and exercising helps – it must release endorphins or something. What a great natural high! I’m 46 and my wife is 52. We’re so glad we made the investment – the most worthwhile on we’ve made! Thank you again for a quality product and excellent service.

  • John Robbins

    After only 6 weeks I am hitting the ball further than I ever have. My shoulder turn is more than 90 degrees and I’m still on the white tee program. This is exciting!

  • Peter Ward

    Meet Kevin Ward. He’s six years old and has learned that stretching is fun. His testimonial is from his Dad, Peter Ward, who say, Roger, Thanks for being an inspiration to my 6 year old son, Kevin – and showing him that stretching is cool.

  • Kevin Komatsu

    Thank you for the time you spent with me yesterday. The information and guidance you provided was the most valuable I had received.

  • Scott Chase

    My ball striking is getting so much better – out of all the golf pro’s I’ve gone to see this is the first time I have been properly diagnosed. I am seeing results and I thank you.

  • John Russell

    I am a 51 year old man, way over weight. I have been exercising with your program for 21 days. I can touch my toes now. I can turn my shoulder now and see the middle of back in the mirror when I make a shoulder turn. I able to hit the golf ball more solid now as I am just a beginner at golf. I also lost 6 pounds in that time. I exercise for thirty minute a day.

  • J. Portman

    I’m 32 year old stock broker in St Louis Missouri, a 3 handicap, played golf for over 20 years and have been living off of Aleve for over 5 years. I was going to see a doctor about my lower back problem, which plagues me for days after each round of golf. I found out from your infomercial and later, your video, that tight hamstrings and calves can cause lower back pain. After only 3 or 4 days of using your program, my back pain was going away. I could not believe that just stretching was making me feel good again. Before I started your program, when I tried to touch my toes, I was at least 6 inches from them and the floor. After only 4 weeks of stretching for at least 10 minutes a day, 7 days a week, I can now touch them. It’s a very relaxing program, and because my back feels so great, I want to continue the program, even if I feel good that day. It’s an addictive program. My driving is getting more accurate and my ball flight is slightly higher and longer then I’m used to. I started on the Blue Tee Program, but depending on the day and how much time I have, I switch from White to Blue to Gold. It’s a very flexible program, no pun intended. Do what you can on busy days. I stretch at work if I need to, and before rounds of golf. You’ll love the way you feel, and your friends will be mad at your golf swing improvements..!!

  • Mr. Schnupp

    I’m 37 years old and work full time as a career paramedic/firefighter and work part time in the golf club fitting business.I have had issues with flexibility for years due to the nature of my work and the poor beds we sleep on every night. This program has not only improved my golf flexibility and distance with every club but my entire body from head to toe feels like I’m 15 again. It has also helped me in other sports I play like ice hockey and soccer. It is by far the best thing I have ever done for my golf game even more so then spending hours on the range and taking lessons. Thank you for this life changing program I have several friends who are now doing it as well.

  • Bob McCullough

    I have used the program for two months now and not only do I hit the ball two clubs futher than I used to, but I have also noticed that my posture has really improved. I have recommended the program to a lot of my friends telling them that it works!

  • John Kaye

    All I can say is …….THANK YOU ROGER FREDERICKS…….

  • Micheal

    Roger’s program is the perfect mixture of yoga, stretching, breathing , and strength training as it relates specifically to golf. I hit the ball 20% farther with less effort than ever before. I have won 2 tournaments in a row!!

  • A. Nelson

    Like most golfers who are overweight, I have struggled for a long time trying to get a good shoulder turn. Since using the program, I have increased my shoulder turn from 70 degrees to 90 degrees and am hitting the ball 25 yards farther. I have also lost 20 pounds since using the program. Roger Fredrick is a life saver!

  • David Cardwell – Mission Viejo Country Club

    I can touch my toes for the first time in ages! I Just wanted to let you know that I am making progress with my flexibility. I am making sure that I get some or all of the stretches in almost every day. I am able to nearly get my heals on the ground on the downward dog stretch and am able to bend over and touch the floor with knees locked for the first time in a long time. Thanks for your instruction time and I will keep you posted on my progress.

  • M. Packard

    I was lucky enough to get strated on Roger’s program a month before the dvd release. My golf scores are now consistently 5-8 shots better per round!

  • David Chapman – Owner, The Tradition Golf Club

    No matter what kind of swing you’re working on, this method will help you get better, play better, and feel better.

  • Doug McIntosh – 8 handicap

    I just step up there, I do my normal swing, and the ball goes farther.

  • Owen McIntosh – 3 handicap

    What Roger has taught me, it isn’t about an age thing. You CAN be more flexible.

  • Lynetta Record – 20 handicap

    I got dedicated to his program, and I can’t believe the difference. I have no pain at all today.

  • Chad Fribley – Tour Player

    My swing definitely has become easier and more effortless. And, I see the results in tournaments.

  • Lance Parker – +2 handicap

    Working with Roger and his program, Roger was able to put me in the same positions that the pro was trying to get me into. The difference is I could do them now, and I could maintain them. There is more ease in my rotation, and ease through the shoulders. The difference between a year and a half ago and now, was Roger’s stretching program.

  • Shirley Fitzgerald – 34 handicap

    Now with Roger’s program, I’m more flexible like I was when I was young. I feel that Roger’s program has given me the fountain of youth for golf.

  • Tim Townley – 16 handicap

    I never had the ability to actually turn my shoulders, Thanks to Roger’s program, I can actually turn through the ball. I’m excited because it’s only been a few weeks. I can’t wait to keep on stretching and keep this going.

  • Peggy F.

    Roger Fredericks is Da Man! He has helped me enormously…both with my swing and my gimpy back! I spent a little over two hours with him and came away with a new lease on life. No kidding! I can’t thank you enough Roger for your help in making a round of golf so enjoyable! I can’t wait to get back out there.

  • Rob Miller

    I thought I would send you a quick note to let you know the program you created for me has been fantastic. I am constantly aware of my new and improved posture. I notice when I slouch and find myself standing taller and feeling great.

    Thanks again your assistance.

  • Bruce M.

    I’m feeling better than I have in years. Since you started me down the road to recovery in December I have lost 19 lbs. I would like to drop another 7-10 lbs which would put me at the weight I was after college, when I stopped drinking so much beer. I’ m looking forward to seeing you in August and showing you the improvements I’ve achieved with your help.

  • Tom L.

    I am a huge fan, your videos changed my game forever, I tell a lot of people about them on the golf course.

    Much thanks,

  • Howard C.

    Just bought your book on flexiblity, best book ever on golf too!

  • John M.

    I just got your new book earlier this week and it is already paying rich dividends for me. To a certain extent you are preaching to the choir as I am a 62-year-old instructor and long drive competitor and am TPI certified. That being said, while I have worked on flexibility daily for nearly 40 years and work especially hard on the hip flexors, I was not aware that my hips were out of alignment with the right hip closer to the target line in my set-up. When I hit balls today, I made a concerted effort to pull the right hip back so that they were aligned properly. The results were nothing less than astonishing. Clubhead speed was five mph higher and drivers were flying 15 yards further. If it sounds like I’m excited, I am!!! Many thanks! Much success to you with the book.

    Best regards,

  • Norm Y.

    I just got your new book. It is GREAT. I learned so much – not only what to do, but WHY. You have clarified many things for me. It is really motivating me to work on my flexiblity.

  • Michael O.

    I received the book last week and I think it is brilliant as it is changing the way I think about and prepare for golf. It makes so much sense and I like the holistic physiological approach. I see a very forward thinking chiropractor once a month to get my body aligned and she also performs a very effective muscle activation technique. The stretching program in the book will certainly help make my body’s realignment more permanent.

  • R. Williamson

    I purchased the DVD series Golf Swing Flexibility about a year ago and have enjoyed and benefited from all of them. This last October I had to have major back surgery that involved a fusion of the L4,5 and S1. I am back to playing golf and I truly believe that your program as allowed me to make such great progress. Thank you Roger.

  • Chris

    I wanted to say Thank you! I started playing 4 years ago at the age of 37. Although I reached the high 80’s. my swing did not feel right and I knew it would be hard to get any better. I took a few lessings from a pro he tolt me my falts and had me do drills. I still was having a hard time and my swing got even worse. I knew what to do but I just could not do it. After seeing one of your infomercials I said to myself maybe thats my problem. I gave it a try, been doing the stretches for about a month now and all I can say is WOW! My swing feels and looks great. I finally can use my hips in the swing. I always had decent power but now I have big power and my ball striking has improved greatly. I wish that more teaching pro’s would emphasize more on stretching. You cant have a proper swing if your body is to tight.

    Thanks again,

  • Dave

    I started the stretching last year January and have an abbreviated session I do each morning. It’s fabulous, best thing I have done for myself.

    Thank you.

  • Mike Sproule

    I bought your 3 dvd pack and started using them in earnest this summer and got great results. I have found my distance has increased significantly and my short game has also improved.

  • A Happy Customer

    I’m a 62 year old male. I haven’t played much golf this year. Besides being busy with other interests I noticed my distance was coming down and I was feeling a lot of muscle soreness…which wasn’t conducive to wanting to play that much. Plus, the last year I’ve just felt stiff and sore generally. Even tying my shoelaces was becoming difficult. I was starting to feel old.

    Two weeks ago I purchased the Secrets to Golf Swing Flexibility. While I know I have a long way to go (I have another 4 inches to go before I can touch my toes!) I am totally amazed at how much better I feel generally. Tying my shoes is no problem and my muscle soreness has been cut in half. I played nine holes the other day and by back swing is much more comfortable and I hit many more good shots than usual. To summarize, and this is an understatement: Stretching is starting to make a huge difference in my general well-being. I’m not feeling quite so old and am convinced that in a few months I won’t feel like I’m getting older at all.

  • Ronald Lis

    I am a 60 year old retired Navy Captain, who limited my exercise routine to weights, push-ups, sit-ups and running to prepare for the military’s semi-annual physical readiness tests. As I got older I stayed in shape by maintaining this routine, but unfortunately became increasingly inflexible. When I first saw Roger’s infomercial last May on the Golf Channel, I was hopeful but not convinced that anything advertised in that manner ever worked. Boy, am I glad that I took the chance and purchased the Secrets to Golf Swing Flexibility DVD set. I’ve been doing the White Tee and now Blue Tee program six days a week for the past three months and have experienced a dramatic difference in my posture, overall flexibility and overall attitude. I love the way I feel every morning after completing the stretching routine.

    I notice a significant difference in my swing flexibility on the practice tee and have finally broken 90 on the course – something I haven’t done for 15 years. I plan on starting the Gold Tee program in another week and honestly can’t wait to experience it’s benefits. I really want to extend my thanks to Roger for sharing his acumen in this area. I feel that I’ll be able to play the game I love for years to come!

  • 6 Weeks In

    I am 69 and have been on the program 6 weeks. This has done more for my golf game then all my golf lessons combined. Thank You Roger!

  • Rich Bastas

    Thank you so much for your wonderful DVD. I am 63, had polio as a 7 yr old and love golf. Play to a 13. Since using your flexibility video I am a new man, on and off the course. My worst score of the last 6 rounds is 84. I am so much better in my daily life but golf has a score so I use that as my indicator. I only wish I had done this earlier in my life. Thank you so much. You are a Godsend and I wish you only the best.

  • Andre Lane
    Toronto, Canada

    Hello Roger, I just want to thank you. I sent you an email regarding my sciatica. i can tell you that I still get a fling once in a while, but with a few sessions with program you prescribed to me its gone. I feel that when I become static, things start to tighten. Answer – keep loose as a goose. Thank you soooo much. I couldent have done it without you.

  • Len

    I have been doing the white ,blue and gold program for approximately 1 year. I have only two words, thank you!

  • Don Woolley

    I started on the stretching program today already and am re-energized to be more consistent to work for the results of not only playing better golf (hopefully more) but also for overall better health. I would recommend this program to all as it was much more than just a golf lesson and my expectations were definitely exceeded.