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How Flexible Are You?

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Finally ... End Your Pain, Increase Your Coil and Gain More Power

Gain instant access to "The Secrets To Golf Swing Flexibility" digital video series which you can watch on any device you can also download them to watch on your computer. Along with the digital version you also receive the Exercise Guide as a printable PDF, handy Booklet, and Poster.

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The Greatest Players & Athletes in the World Trust Roger to Work on Their Bodies and Golf Swings.

Poor Posture is One of the Leading Causes of Health Problems

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Roger and Arnold

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Although during the years that I worked with Arnold Palmer we were primarily focused on his flexibility and anatomical function, we still would look at his golf swing from time to time, where we’d monitor how his flexibility was helping him turn back and through better.

The first time I explained the physiological fundamentals of the golf swing to him on my monitor, I was showing how the most crucial fundamental was … More Here


“A high percentage of the people I teach are physically unable to perform a fundamental golf swing – usually due to a lack of flexibility! I feel that they would be better off working on their bodies FIRST rather than working on their swings. MY HIGHEST recommendation for them is to contact Roger Fredericks who has taught many of golf’s Greatest (and not so great) players who have benefited from his methods – On and Off the Course. His approach is based on good common sense principles which are very easy to perform.”
Gary Wiren PhD
PGA Hall of Fame – World Golf Teachers Hall of Fame Senior Director of Instruction
Thanks for all of your help and encouragement. I just wish I had started your program 20 years ago.
Arnold Palmer
World Golf Hall of Fame
To my fellow anatomical functionalist. Thanks for the video help. I’m pleased to see you're bringing the principles of anatomical function into the golf world.
jack nicklaus
Jack Nicklaus
World Golf Hall of Fame
If you want a better golf game, Roger's your man to see.
gary player
Gary Player
World Golf Hall of Fame
The help you gave me has made a world of difference. Man, you sure know the golf swing!
Joe Theisman
Former Super Bowl Champion QB, Washington Redskins
Roger’s instruction and flexibility programs will NO DOUBT accelerate your path from wanting to be a good player, to actually becoming one!
tom kite
Tom Kite
World Golf Hall of Fame

Fredericks Golf & Fitness is Great for Golfers & Non-Golfers Alike!

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Roger Fredericks is an innovative golf instructor and fitness expert, as well as one of the original pioneers of the golf fitness movement, and has worked on the golf swings and bodies of thousands of golfers including over 70 Tour Players, 7 Hall of Famers and all of the ‘Big Three’ Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player.

His Smash Hit Infomercial, Roger Fredericks Reveals the Secrets to Golf Swing Flexibility is the top selling Golf Fitness DVD’s of all time! His golf instruction, flexibility, and posture techniques have helped legions of golfers and non golfers on and off the course. Now, In the Learning Center, Roger will reveal his secrets of Golf Instruction and Fitness techniques…to you!