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Static Back Press


A simple pose that will do wonders for you – especially suppressing back pain. In a short amount of time, you’ll begin to feel your back begin to ‘melt’ into the floor.  As the body relaxes, you’ll find that your pelvis will relax which will then ‘let go’ of it’s grip on the spine. You can spend 5 minutes up to 30 minutes in this incredibly effective pose.

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Shoulder Segment with TPI


Here I’m demonstrating some stretching and strengthening exercises with Dave Phillips  and Dr. Greg Rose, which will enhance your back extension in your golf swing – not to mention allow you to achieve better posture.

One of THE most important fundamentals in the golf swing is maintaining your spine angle in your swing – and especially in the downswing.  Although this may sound easy to do, the reality is that a very high percentage of golfers ‘come out’ of their spine angle which robs them of power and consistency.  

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Importance of Flexibility


In this video, I’m giving you a short overview of ‘Why’ flexibility is so important in the golf swing.  If you’re now depressed because you’re not flexible, don’t worry – because  – Everybody, no matter what the age can improve the range of motion in their bodies ‘If they stretch the right muscles – the right way’.  (And, I just happen to know where you can find a flexibility program to do just that!). 

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Explanation of the Hamstrings


Exercise – Explanation of the Hamstrings and their function in the golf swing.  Tight hamstrings and their corresponding muscles play a MAJOR role in the golf swing!  These muscles affect your lower body in a big way – AND, the Lower body dictates to the upper body during the swing.  If your Hammies and lower body muscles aren't functional, your lower body won’t be able to stabilize and allow the upper body to coil effectively against it.  This video will explain the role of the Hammies  as well as test them to determine where you’re at’.  Let me know how you do by leaving your comment below.

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Importance of Breathing

Breathing Method for sports

Great Breathing Method for Golf and Sports


Unfortunately, I’ve found that the majority of people in our culture actually Breathe improperly.  This is largely due to the Forward Flextion – sitting down culture that we live in.  Proper breathing begins in the lower diaphragm with the oxygen bellowing upwards.  People whose  hips and shoulders are out of position nearly always breathe from their upper thorax which creates a shallow breath which is not as powerful as the powerful breaths resulting from the lower diaphragm.  Generating what’s called IAP – Intra Abdominal Pressure is a must for better health, focus and relaxation.

Tension is PUBLIC ENEMY #1 in Golf… and Life, for that matter; And, without question, the best way to ‘Take a Swing at Tension’ (which is a phrase I heard from fellow teacher Dean Reinmuth), is by
taking some full and deep breaths, starting from the abdomen on up.

breathing method for golf

Watching a basketball player at the Free Throw Line, or a baseball pitcher about to go into his windup, you’ve probably noticed that they’ll always take a few deep breaths before delivering their shot or pitch. However, we don’t always see this with amateur golfers – who in large part, have more time to stand over the ball and ‘think’ about it; which often freezes them and inhibits their oxygen and neuron flow throughout their swing.

Taking a couple deep breaths (especially when you’re feeling ‘Up Tight’) while visualizing your intended shot at the target, will certainly help you make a Smooth and Rhythmic golf swing.

In today’s video, I demonstrate a Breathing Method on how to breathe which will certainly help you keep yourself from ‘Choking’ when you’re getting into Crunch Time.