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It’s Not Stretching!! It’s How You B-R-E-A-T-H-E!

not just breathing

I’ve been propagating the Golf Instruction-Flexibility-Fitness Movement for over 30 years and I still see too many people ‘JUST’ Stretching and not BREATHING properly ‘INTO’ the stretch.  I can unequivocally say that the longer I teach Golf and Fitness, BREATHING becomes more and more important – especially as we age. (Remember, that a person can only go a few minutes without oxygen before expiring), so I think that that statement alone says a lot.  In other words, ‘We are Oxygen Critters’!

THE SECRET TO GETTING FLEXIBLE ISN’T NECESSARILY STRETCHING – BUT HOW YOU BREATHE!  By Breathing properly, you’ll be getting the oxygen down into the nerve spindles and nerve fibers which not only Relax the fascia and allow the muscles to Contract and Expand more efficiently but also….gain flexibility. (Not to mention, Breathing allows the oxygen to get up into your brain: which controls everything ….Relaxation, Focus, and overall well being!)

So remember, when you’re doing a stretch, MAKE SURE that you’re Breathing in unison with the movement.  Ie, When you expand the chest— BREATHE IN….and when you Let go, EXHALE OUT .

Think of the Stretches – Not as Stretching – but as Breathing Exercises in certain poses.

Next time, we’ll show you specifically HOW to Breathe!

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