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The Putting Chip

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Years ago, I was blessed to have known and taken lessons from Paul Runyan aka, ‘Little Poison’ who was arguably the greatest master of Chipping and Pitching the Game of Golf has ever known!

One summer in my college days, I spent two weeks with Paul up at Sahalee CC in Washington State, and not only was it a great experience to take lessons and play with him, but to hear the fascinating stories that he so freely shared from his lifetime in golf.

One thing he did for me (and countless others), was absolutely transform my chipping from my conventional method, by teaching me the Putting Chip Method of chipping. Paul felt that the easiest shot in golf to hit was a putt, so why not make the chip shot as close to a putt as possible.

He changed my grip from a standard Reverse Overlap Putting Grip, to a style that placed the putter more in my palms, thereby taking the hands out of the stroke. He did this by making my left hand extremely Weak (turned way to the left and under), and my right hand very Strong (turned way to the Right and under). This type of grip made the stroke rely more on a pendulum action with my arms and shoulders. Not only was the spin on my shots much more in control, but with a little practice, I was able to invent some different variations with different clubs for different circumstances. I still use this method today and have been teaching it to my students for decades – many of whom have enjoyed great success.

I HIGHLY encourage you to practice the Putting Chip and enjoy the marvelous benefits of getting the ball ‘Up and Down’ a lot more often!

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